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Useful Information
  • ATMs
    Banco Municipal de Rosario (Rosario Municipal Bank). San Martín St. (pedestrian street) between Córdoba St. (pedestrian street) and Santa Fe St.

    - To search for orthopedic shops
    - To search for optical shops
    - Rosario Rotary Club (Orthopedic Elements Bank): Wheelchair Rental 

    - Hospital de Emergencias Dr. Clemente Álvarez (“Dr. Clemente Álvarez” Emergency Hospital; Spanish Acronym: HECA). Avda. Pellegrini 3205 Tel. 54-341-4808111
    - Servicio Integrado de Emergencia Sanitaria (Sanitary Emergency Integrated Service; Spanish Acronym: SIES). Tel.: 107

    “Mariano Moreno” Bus Station, Islas Malvinas Airport.
    “Mariano Moreno” Bus Station website
    Islas Malvinas Airport website
Recommendations For Your Trip To Rosario:
  • Photocopy of your Id. Card or Passport.
  • Photocopy of your Unique Certificate of Disability (Spanish Acronym: CUD)
  • Photocopies of medical reports (in case of chronic diseases).
  • Social Security documents.
  • If you are using a wheelchair or crutches, please consider bringing some essential spare parts.
  • Backup medicines.
  • Please add your Primary Emergency Contact to your Cell Phone Address Book.
  • When booking your trip, please give clear information on your needs to the Travel Agency.
  • You can find additional information at Municipalidad de Rosario Website, including useful addresses and telephone numbers from the place you are visiting (hospitals and/or health centers, ATMs, transport services, pharmacies, orthopedic shops, etc).

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Municipalidad de Rosario
Municipalidad de Rosario
Rosario Turismo Accesible
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
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