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Museum of Memory

Aborda la historia transcurrida durante los gobiernos militares que se sucedieron de 1976 a 1983.

  It offers elevatorIt offers accessible toilets. Guide dogs allowed

Address: Córdoba 2019

It was the first of this kind of museums to be acknowledged as a place of national interest, and one of the first in Latin America to dwell on the causes and consequences of the actions of an authoritarian State on civilian populations. It is a place aimed at preserving the memory and stories of men and women, protagonists and witnesses of the last military coup in Argentina. The Museum holds a specialized library and video library with documentary info, as well as educational and research departments.

Municipalidad de Rosario
Municipalidad de Rosario
Rosario Turismo Accesible
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
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