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Children´s Garden

It offers exclusive parking.Wheelchair accessible areaGuide dogs allowed

Address: M. Champagnat

At the very heart of Parque de la Independencia (Independence Park), this non-formal educational facility combines art, games, adventure and imagination. It…

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Children's Farm

It offers exclusive parking.Wheelchair accessible areaIt offers accessible toilets.Guide dogs allowed

Address: Av. Pres. Perón 8000

It is a space with animals and tools typical of the Farm, which offers a great experience for both children and adults alike. It is part of the Trip…

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Children's Museum

Wheelchair accessible areaIt offers elevator.It offers accessible toilets.It offers information in Braille.It offers macrotype materials.Guide dogs allowed


This facility at the “Alto Rosario” Shopping Center offers a small-scale version of a city aimed at children between 3 and 12 years of age. It encourages them to play role games…

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The House of Water

Guide dogs allowed

Address: Esteban Echeverría


This facility opens its doors to school tours, for children to learn why water is so important for life, the process of potabilization and what it me…

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Municipalidad de Rosario
Municipalidad de Rosario
Rosario Turismo Accesible
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
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