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National Flag Memorial

La maqueta háptica permite descubrir la arquitectura monumental trazada a mediados del siglo pasado.

It offers elevator. It offers accessible toilets.  It offers audio guides. It offers a haptic model.It offers information in Braille. It offers macrotype materials.Guide dogs allowed

It is the most important memorial to honor a patriotic symbol in Latin America.

Overlooking the Paraná River, in the National Flag Park, it stands on the site in which Manuel Belgrano hoisted the National Flag for the first time in 1812.

It offers:

- Mobile elevators : There are two elevators available for people in wheelchairs or people with reduced mobility.

- Graphic materials in Braille that provide the fundamentals to explore this historical site.

- Accessible toilets at the Gallery of Honor for the Flags of the American Continent and an external one located in the National Flag Park.

- Audio guides: Auditory material for blind or partially sighted people.

- Haptic model for blind or partially sighted people.

- Sign language video.






Municipalidad de Rosario
Municipalidad de Rosario
Rosario Turismo Accesible
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
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