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www.rosarioturaccesible.com has been financed by the Programa Consejo de la Demanda de Actores Sociales (Spanish acronym: PROCODAS, Social Actors Demand Council Program) from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (Spanish acronym: MinCyT) and developed by a team of teachers and researchers from the Rosario National University (Spanish acronym: UNR) and the Interamerican Open University (Spanish acronym: UAI), as well as technicians from the Municipal Secretariat for Tourism and the Rosario Tourism Office (Spanish acronym: ETUR). Also, several NGOs and people related to disability issues acted as advisors in this project.

This website is aimed principally at people with some type of disability or visual impairment, although it can be used by any tourist or resident.

This website can be accessed through various technological devices such as PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablets and smartphones, and it complies with international accessibility standards.

The idea behind this site is that the information provided could be used both to choose Rosario as a tourist destination, and to create a travel itinerary, guaranteeing autonomy and the right to communication, information and tourism.

Our aim is to build and enhance this site collectively. The list of providers on this website includes those who have participated in the Quality Programs of the Argentine Ministry of Tourism.

We hereby invite all tourists or visitors to send their comments through the contact form. Thus, we will be able to add other perspectives on accessible places of interest, tourist attractions and services.

We would also like to invite those providers who are not part of this page yet to answer the first poll on tourist accessibility of the city to self-evaluate the levels of accessibility of their products and services, in order to be included in this site which aims at providing reliable tourist information of Rosario.

This big city offers multiple experiences, and each personal experience may help others to enjoy the most of Rosario.

All your suggestions will be welcomed. Thank you.

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Municipalidad de Rosario
Municipalidad de Rosario
Rosario Turismo Accesible
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
Ente turístico Rosario. Argentina
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